MikadoUSA Distribution Announcement

For immediate release : 

Due to the extremely hostile price fluctuations occurring globally for the electronic goods supply, including changes in currency conversions and heightened global freight costs,  MikadoUSA  has made the decision to end our 8 year distribution position of the Mikado VBarControl and VBar NEO ecosystem inventories. 

Costs on items like VBar NEOs have risen by over 30%. Import costs have risen at a minimum of an additional 5%. 

With these new costs, and to keep our distribution model working, we would need to raise MSRP costs on some items by over 40% retail price. While analyzing this situation, we decided that instead of drastically decreasing our customers' buying power, we would attempt to personally absorb some of these costs while removing the need to come up with additional margins for USA wholesalers. 

The decision was difficult; raise retail costs 30-40% on all electronics inventory (thus killing demand for products released in the fuutre) or exclusively selling Mikado electronics ourselves while still taking a margin cut on our bottom line. 

Vendors across the USA still have inventory supply. Once they run out of stock, however, MikadoUSA will be the only point of purchasing in North America moving forward. 

We appreciate the understanding and support in this matter. We continually strive to bring our customers the most competitive pricing in the US market which allows us to continue supporting our loyal customers for many years to come. 


Bryan Barrow 

ABM Global LLC