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MikadoUSA will make every effort to quickly diagnose any service case issues, warranty related or not!

While your device may have been purchased within the Warranty period, many scenarios arise in which an "instant" replacement cannot be offered. We do apologize for this and appreciate you working with us to

quickly & efficiently diagnose your claim. We will work with you personally on each case via the Contact page and provide further instructions directly.

Please purchase a warranty order below to start the return process :


Service Case Non Warranty

All service cases reviewed out of warranty (1 year from purchase date) will require the purchase of a $35.00 service fee.

Service fee's include Mikado USA's diagnostic checks, simple repairs, potential German freight forwarding and customer return freight.

The assessment fee includes a full diagnostic of your unit based on the reported problems and an overall check of device health.Many diagnostics include a test flight on your specific device.Simple fixes can be applied in house. 

On the rare occasion, our team need to send the unit in question directly to Germany for additional diagnostic assistance. The German team will provide additional information about the device and offer one of the following scenario's:

* The unit is damaged beyond repair due to a variety of factors - A discounted unit will be offered directly by MikadoUSA (software can be migrated to a new unit upon request). *

*The unit shows damage but can be fixed & factory tested for 100% functionality. - Mikado will provide a price quote to fulfill a work order prior to altering your device.*

*Unit show's damage to specific functions but other functions still work without vulnerability to flight issues - Can return to customer per their request.*

Please review and purchase a service order below: