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Software Information

Versions overview

VersionVBar Alu (silver)

VBar Standard (black)

VBar Standard Blueline

Mini VBar (black)

Mini VBar Blueline
Control 4.0yesyes-yes-
Control 5.3 Express--yes-yes
Control 5.3 Pro-optionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Control 6.0 Pro yes**yes**yes**yes**
VPlane for VBC yes**yes**yes**yes**
E-helis less than 1myesyesyesyesyes
E-helis more than 1myesyesyes-yes
Nitro helispartlyyesyes--
Scale helispartlyyesyes-partly
Swashplate servos44433
Governor-optional with Prooptional with Prooptional with Pro*optional with Pro*

  ** V6 Pro for helicopters and airplanes is only available in combination with VBar Control usage.


Overview of the helicopter functions V4, V5 Express, V5 Pro and V6 for Standard VBar ,Mini VBar and VBar NEO options:

V5 Express
V5 Pro
V6 Pro**
Firmware logo
Control swashplateV4V5V5V6**
Control tail rotorV4V5V5V6**
Setup wizard-yesyesyes
Preset selectoryes--yes
Direct setup tabs--yesyes
Standard recieveryesyesyes-
Single lineyesyesyes-
Spektrum satellitesyes (not Regular w/o spektrum)yes (not Regular w/o spektrum)yes (not Regular w/o spektrum)-
Sensor alignments4444
Swashplate 120 °yesyesyesyes
Swashplate 120° rev.yesyesyesyes
Swashplate 90°yesyesyesyes
Swashplate mech. mixingyesyesyesyes
Custom swashplateyes-yesyes
Swash rotationyes-yesyes
Geometry correctionswitchablealways onswitchablealways on
Swash servo typesdigital/analogdigitaldigital/analogdigital
Cyclic adjustmentCalculation at www.vstabi.deAdjustment during setup

Adjustment during setup

Adjustment during setup
Collective adjustmentyesAdjustment during setupAdjustment during setupAdjustment during setup
Pitch pumpyes-yesyes
Cyclic ringadjustablefixedadjustableadjustable
CCPM fine trimyes-yesyes
Heck servo typeallallallall
Voltage monitoring-yes (not Regular w/o spektrum)yes (not Regular w/o spektrum)yes (adjustable with App for VBC)
Vibration monitoring-yesyesyes
Optimizer swasplateyes-yesyes
Pre torque compensationadjustablefixedadjustableadjustable
Optimizer tail yes-yes (2)yes (2)
Agility settingsyesDual rate at TXyesyes
Flight style settings-yesyesyes
Expert settings swashplateyes (7)-yes (5)yes
Tail gyro gain settingsyesAux channelyesyes
Stick expoadjustablefixed onadjustableadjustable
Gyro modesHH/RateHHHH/RateHH
Expert settings tail rotoryes (13)-yes (12)yes
Bankswitchyes (4)-yes (4)yes (4)
Extended vibration display 
(Spektrum analyzer)
--yesyes (live in VBC)
Event logfile--yesyes
PC softwareyesyesyes-
MAC softwareyesyesyes-
Control panel softwareyesyesyes-
PDA softwareyes---
Mobile phone software (Symbian)yesyes / 5.2 only Androidyes / 5.2 only Android-


MikadoUSA – (ABM Global) is a privately held distributor in North America. We are a private entity from Mikado. When accessing *ALL* software options in the future, please note, MikadoUSA has no access to your Mikado or Vstabi account information. When creating an account with www.vstabi.info, you must have a Mikado account which you can create here :

Free Software

You can fly every Vbar NEO out of the box with express software. You can review the software from Mikado’s website Vstabi located here

MikadoUSA.com offers the option to pre-purchase all software upgrade options pre-loaded to your device prior to shipping if purchased through our website.

How do i purchase software?

To access the App Store, connect your device to the computer, power it up, and start VBar Control Synchronizer/Manager.

Click 'Applications' there, and you will be forwarded to the App Store with the serial number of your device.
You can also one-click register your device there.

To add multiple licenses to your shopping cart, repeat the purchase process in the App Store for each device separately, then return to your shopping on Mikado’s site for checkout.

What does it cost?

  • The PRO Firmware costs 30.00 Euros
  • The PRO+Rescue Combo Firmware costs 84 Euros
  • The Rescue Firmware as an update if you already have Pro can be purchased for 75 Euro

VBar NEO VLink Crossgrade

Second generation VBar NEO’s (non Vlink) can be upgraded to have RX VLink functionality, without the need to use the external receiver satellite that came with your original VBar Control. You will need a hardware conversion kit, listed here and if your VBar NEO can be updated, you will find the option to purchase the software update in your device list at www.vstabi.info/devices (need to be logged in there).

The Software update costs 42 Euro

VBar NEO VBasic Updates

VBar NEO VBasic can be updated to the exact same functionality as the regular VBar NEO, making it a full blown VBar NEO.

What do VBar NEO VBasic Updates cost?

The update to PRO costs 138 Euro.
The PRO+Rescue combo update costs 192 Euro.
The Rescue feature as an update (if you already have Pro) can be purchased for 75 Euro.

These updates enable gyro support in the VBar, updates named Rescue also enable the rescue sensors.
With these updates, you can choose between firmwares for helis (VBar), fixed wing aircraft (VPlane) and the firmware for multicopters (VCopter).
With the updates, you can fly all model type with gyro stabilization (VBar and VPlane also without, as per your setup).
The Rescue update is available for helicopters (VBar) or for multicopters (VCopter).