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Scorpion Tribunus 12-130A ESC SBEC

Scorpion Tribunus 12-130A ESC SBEC

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Part Number:SCO-1197
Scorpion Tribunus 12-130A ESC SBEC 

Scorpion Tribunus 12 Cell 130A ESC (SBEC)

Now available from Scorpion is the new 5th generation HV 130 amp Speed Controller! This new version has many upgrades and new features never before available including a built in Switching BEC with user selectable output voltage, a phase-tach output certified to work in conjunction with the Mikado V-Bar system, and a new built-in USB interface that allows programming and firmware upgrades from a laptop or PC.

Included with the newest version of this speed controller is a built-in Switching type BEC circuit that is rated for 10 amps continuous current with 15 amp peak capability to power the most demanding high-power digital servos. The output of the BEC is user selectable to 5.4, 6.2 or 7.4 volts to match the type of servos used in the model.

Another great feature of the new 5th generation speed controllers is the USB interface that allows the user to set and view the internal programming parameters, as well as perform firmware upgrades that may be available in the future. The new Scorpion V-Link USB programming module, available separately, allows the user to connect the new ESC to a laptop or PC for easy programming changes either on the bench or at the flying field. This USB connection also doubles as a phase tach output for external governor systems such as the Mikado V-Bar system. With the optional Opto-Coupled Tach Output Cable, also available separately, you can feed the tach output directly into the V-Bar system. In addition to the Tach output for external governor systems, this speed controller also includes an internal governor for use with other brands of flight stabilization and flybarless control systems.

The new 130 amp ESC come with the full features InfraRed Programming system that includes an IR Programming card and an IR Receiver module that installs between your ESC and the throttle channel of your radio receiver. This system has a full range of programmable features including the following options:

Low Voltage Cut-off: Settable from 12V to 48V in 1.0V increments. No need to select battery type, just set the voltage the ESC should cut off at. By doing this, the ESC will be compatible with any battery chemistry, including future types of battery designs.
BRK=Brake Settable to 5 different levels: 1=No Brake, 2=Very Soft Brake, 3=Soft Brake, 4=Hard Brake, 5=Very Hard Brake
AIR=Aircraft Mode 1=Airplane Mode, 2=External Governor Mode
PCT=Program Cut-off Type for LVC 1=50% power reduction, 2=LED Warning, no power cut, 3=Power Pulse Warning
MAT=Motor Acceleration Time Delay 1=0.15 seconds, 2=0.3 seconds, 3=0.45 seconds, 4=0.7 seconds and 5=1.3 seconds
Car/B Currently not used, for future Car and Boat options
COP=Current Overload Protection 1=Protection on, 2=Protection off. (Selecting option 2 will void the ESC warranty)
FREQ=PWM Frequency Currently fixed at 8 KHz and not changeable
SS=Soft Start Mode 1=Soft Start without Governor mode, 2=Soft Start with Governor
TIM=Motor Timing Angle 1=Automatic Timing, 2=5 degrees, 3=15 degrees, 4=20 degrees, 5=25 degrees and 6=30 degrees
GOV or P Gain=Governor Power Gain Settable from 1 to 11 (softest to hardest), Default is 5
SB or I Gain=Governor Current Gain Settable from 1 to 8 (least sensitive to most sensitive), Default is 5

Weight (Without Connectors  )200gm (7.05oz)
Max Continuous Current130 Amps
Operating Voltage Range12 to 50 Volts
On Resistance0.68 mOhms
Max BEC Output15 Amps peak @ 5.4 - 7.4 V
Size89 x 43 x 25.5mm (3.5 x 1.69 x 1.00 in