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Scorpion SII-5525 series Stand-Off

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Product Description

If you have ever tried to power a Giant Scale Airplane, with an Electric Power System, then you know the struggle about properly mounting and spacing the Motor correctly! This is because most all Giant Scale Airplanes have the firewall spaced and drilled to work for Gas Engines which are typically MUCH longer than Electric Motors. Till now there was no “solution” for this, with any electric power system company, and customers were left on their own to find the solution to mounting their Electric Motors.

Since Scorpion already makes premium Electric Airplane Motors, which are both lightweight and powerful, and we care to make our customers happy with the easiest customer experience possible, we decided to finally fix this absence in the market and provide a “Drop-In” solution for our customers.

So, we would like to present the newest product from Scorpion! The “Scorpion Freestyle Standoffs” for SII-5525 motors!

The purpose of these Freestyle Standoffs is to make it so that when paired with the SII-5525 motor from Scorpion, they perfectly match the length of the equivalently size Gas Engine + standard 1” standoff.

The SII-5525 + Freestyle Standoff will match perfectly the length of a DA35cc Engine + 1” standoff

Combine this Freestyle Standoff with the Scorpion Freestyle Cross Mounts, which are reinforced and match the bolt hole spacing of their equivalently sized Gas Engine, and you will have a “Drop-In” fit of you Scorpion Power System into your Giant Scale Freestyle Airplane!

The length of the Freestyle Standoff is 90mm(SII-5525), but it has additionally 4 x6mm, 3mm and 1.5mm Washers so that you can precisely place your motor properly into the cowl of your airplane.


Length90mm (+6, +3, +1.5mm)
Mounting Bolt Hole Thread SizeM5

Included in the Box

Stand-off x4
6mm Washers x4, 3mm Washers x4, 1.5mm Washers x4
Hex Screw M5 *16 x4, M5 *20mm x4
M5 spacer x8

Weight including packaging