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Scorpion MII-4010-400KV
Scorpion MII-4010-400KV

Scorpion MII-4010-400KV

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Product Description

The MII-40 Series motor! This motor specially made for multi-copter. This motor provides all the power that you can use, while still maintaining excellent efficiency and higher power than any competition, perfectly balanced rotor. And the bearing has change to 4*11*4 since M-4010 version.

It suitable for two types of propeller which has space 12mm screw hole and 6mm & 8mm inner diameter.

Scorpion MII-4010-400KV


Stator Diameter40 mm(1.57 in)
Stator Thickness10 mm(0.39 in)
No.of stator Arms12
No.of stator Poles14
Motor Wind10 Turn Y
Motor Wire13-Strand 0.25 mm
Motor Kv400KV RPM/Volt
NO-Load Current(IO/10V)0.38 Amps
Motor Resistance(RM)0.135 Ohms
Max Continuous Current40 Amps
Max Continuous Power1480 Watts
Weight152 Grams (4.63 oz)
Outside Diameter48.8 mm (1.92 in)
Shaft Diameter3.98 mm (0.16 in)
Body Length32.17 mm (1.27 in)
Ovrall Shaft Length36.5 mm (1.44 in)
Max Lipo Cell10s
Peak Current56 Amps (2 seconds)
Peal Power2070 Watts (2 seconds)
Motor Timing5deg
Drive Frequency8kHz

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