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Scorpion HKII-4235-630KV (Limited Edition)
Scorpion HKII-4235-630KV (Limited Edition)

Scorpion HKII-4235-630KV (Limited Edition)

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Scorpion HKII-4235-630KV  (Limited Edition)


Stator Diameter42 mm (1.65 in)
Stator Thickness35 mm (1.38 in)
No. of Stator Arms12
No. of Stator Poles10
Motor Wind4 Turn YY
Motor Wire1-Strand 1.6 mm
Motor Kv630 KV RPM/Volt
No-Load Current (Io/10V)3.59 Amps
Motor Resistance (RM)0.009 Ohms
Max Continuous Current120 Amps
Max Continuous Power5328 Watts
Weight522 Grams (18.27 oz)
Outside Diameter52.3 mm (2.06 in)
Shaft Diameter5.98 mm (0.24 in)
Body Length64.5 mm (2.54 in)
Overall Shaft Length112.9 mm (4.44 in)
Max Lipo Cell12s
Max Peak Current160 Amps (3 seconds)
Max Peak Power7100 Watts (3 seconds)
Motor Timing5deg to 15 deg
Drive Frequency8kHz