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RCPROPLUS S7 "Solderless" Supra X Connectors (Battery Side Only) - 8 Pairs

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Part Number: REB7808S.T.S7P8BATT
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RC Pro Plus has been at the forefront of battery connector development for years. Providing high quality, and high reliability, RCPP has quickly became a leader within the industry.  
 RCPP shocked the world with the "REB 7808 S.T" aka S7 Solderless connectors! Solderless? Absolutely!
The only difference now is that since people generally have more batteries than ESC's, we now sell the same connectors, just simply with the "Battery Side" housings only. This way if you need more connectors for your batteries, then you do not need to buy 4 x ESC side and 4 x Battery side like before, you can now by just 8 x battery side.  
This set comes with:
8 x 7mm Solderless Female Connector 
8 x 7mm Solderless Male Connector 
8 x RED Housing (Smaller One) 
8 x BLACK Housing (Larger One) 
Necessary Hardware and Fittings 
Solderless connections are more commonly found in applications outside the R/C industry, and inherently provide lower point of fatigue within the connection.  
The RCPP Solderless connectors are built with the ability to install the connectors to each application in minutes. With the bare wires exposed, each bullet connector utilizes 2 setscrews (180 degrees apart), to create a secure mechanical connection.  
  • Use with batteries 
  • Solderless - Full mechanical connection
  • Large, low resistance contact patch
  • 'Click' connection 
  • Hassle free assembly 
Peak Current: 270A  
Continue Current: 230A  
Applicable Wire: 8~10AWG  
Finish Type: 24K Gold Plated 5u"