PNP A-4225 6S Combo Now Available

Plug it in. Power it up.

Scorpion Power Systems has just released another innovative power combo

In combination with Scorpion's new A-Series motor line debut, we are also pleased to announce the new combo kits! 

Scorpion Power Systems takes the guess work out of Electric Power Systems, and provides customers with a simple, convenient and reliable power system for their 90E /20cc-25cc sized airplanes. The A-4225 PNP Combo is the solution. This pairs a high power and high efficiency A-series motors with a suitably sized, pre-programmed, Tribunus ESCs! Providing you with a tested, proven, and convenient power system combo, which is sure to provide you immense power, at the best efficiency! 

This PNP combo is ready to easily bolt on, and give you the power you need, with the efficiency you want.