New Scorpion Motors and Shafts Available

Scorpion HKII-4225-810kv Limited Edition (6mm 32mm)

With the trend of ultra light weight 700 size models running 6s-8s batteries on the rise, the market called for a light weight, powerful, but not battery puffing motor. So Scorpion created the HKII-4225-810kv motor for a Limited Edition run! Sized directly between our proven HKIV-4025 and HKII-4525 motors in terms of weight and power, and LIGHTER yet MORE powerful than our competitors 4030 motors, this motor represents the most technologically advanced power source ever offered for an electric helicopter.   

This motor is designed for around 10 – 11 : 1 gear ratio and is good for 1550rpm on 6s, 1850rpm on 7s, and 2050 rpm on 8s. We of course could have made an even higher kv version for 6s – 7s  batteries, which can run 2050 rpm, but in our testing we found that a 700 disc, at 2000rpm with 6s or 7s pulls over 220A which is detrimental to not only ESCs but also batteries.  So, we stay with the maximum of 810kv, and the current is controlled by the RPM which you can attain with the given voltage. This is to stop excessive amp peaks, and protect batteries and ESCs from such high amps!

Additional optional shaft lengths available


HKII-4225 Shaft Kit (6mm 55mm)