Just Announced: Mikado Flight Trainer

Learn. Fly. Relax. 

Ready to get into flying RC helicopters but don't want to crash your new purchase? Mikado introduces an innovative solution for both new and experienced pilots to learn new skills or push their existing skills even further, without risk.

Adjustable virtual flight zone

Expand and contract the flight zone as your skills improve


Advanced telemetry takes over to prevent the helicopter from crashing

Multiple flight modes

From beginner to advanced pilot, there's a mode for your skillset

Automatic landing

Whether the battery runs out, or you put the heli into a nose dive- the system lands safely.

While Mikado loves to supply pilots with replacement parts when the inevitable crash happens, they love to innovate and advance the industry forward even more. It is in this vein that they announce the revolutionary Mikado Flight Trainer.

This innovative system allows new pilots to get hands-on experience with flying using an actual remote control as well as an actual R/C helicopter- not a sub-par trainer radio with a computer emulator. This new technology puts you behind the sticks to master your exciting 3D maneuvers without risk of putting your heli into the dirt. 

As your skills improve, you can switch to less restrictive flight modes and you can take more control of the process. In the event that you lose control, the Mikado Flight Trainer will still prevent you from crashing your machine.

Kit includes a landing pad base station, Logo 200 helicopter, and Mikado VBAR Control Basic remote control.

The Mikado Flight Trainer will be available in Q4 of 2022!