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K04604 Kontronik JIVE 100 LV
K4604 Kontronik JIVE 100 LV

K04604 Kontronik JIVE 100 LV

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K4604 Kontronik JIVE 100 LV

Speed ??Controller Kontronik JIVE 100 LV

  • Impact-resistant housing made of a special polyamide, protects the JIVE ESCs from mechanical damage and makes it waterproof. The plastic material has been developed especially for the spraying of electronics and ensures stress-free component and gentle molding.
  • Also new is the cooling plate which is perfectly connected with the components. This makes for a very good heat dissipation and allows the easy integration of additional cooling options.By installing an air or water cooling can be the power assets of this speed controller to increase significantly. The naming 80 + means: minimum 80 A.. Good cooling allows up to twice the performance.
  • Another highlight is the automatic Kommutierungsanpassung of JIVE The commutation is carried selbsständig adapted to the motor and the current operating data.
  • Adjustable BEC of 5-6V with real 5A continuous and 15A peak current. To make this power available, the ESCs have 2 paralelle BEC output jacks.
  • Unique too is the BEC of the HV Types. They have a 5A BEC with 15A peak at 16 to 50V!.This allows a secure BEC usage to 12S usable - without voltage fluctuations and disorder problems.


Weight: 92g with cable 

Voltage range 

 6-25V, 2-6 LiPo,

Permissible current 

Helimode Yes
ProgCard capable  Yes

BEC load

Dimensions (mm): 62 x 32 x 15