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About Us

Mikado Model Helicopters:

Some companies Imitate.

Some companies Enhance.

Some companies INNOVATE.

Mikado Model Helicopters are a world class group of innovators, engineers & designers.

From the worlds very first electric model helicopter design in the mid 80's, to their now world renowned offerings of Virtual Flyblarless simulation, Mikado Model helicopters has
been a pioneer on the forefront of everything electric heli related for over 24 years.

The Mikado team, a group of passionate hobbyists with the ever revolving future of new innovative designs will continue to take the market by storm with revolutionary offerings planned for the 2014 flight season.

Mikado USA:

Mikado USA was formed by a team of passionate pilots, who've dedicated their live's to eat, sleep & breathe the Mikado brand.
Hailing from all walks of the RC industry, our business model is simple:

Offer the best service humanly possible.
Keep healthy supplies of inventory on hand.
Take care of all issues that may arise after a sale.

Sure, most website's boost the same "service" motto, we're here to prove it to you.

Thanks for your interest in the Mikado Model Helicopters premier line, were eager to provide you our exceptional knowledge base and offerings soon!